It’s Okay These Days to Discuss Incarceration in the U.S.

  It is not a beautiful sunset from the other side.   Mass incarceration affects all aspects of life and all life.  Families are fractured.  Children are broken.  State and federal prison programs are ineffective to non-existent.  People are taken into the system and treated as sub-human.  Re-entry systems are… Read more“It’s Okay These Days to Discuss Incarceration in the U.S.”

Your ACES Score and More from Dr. Nadine Burke Harris – The Bear

Now What?  You Have Your ACES or Your Child’s ACES Score now what? Briefly, according to Dr. Burke Harris, CEO Center for Youth Wellness, the higher your ACES score, the more likely are the chances are to developing chronic health diseases.  Dr. Burke Harris discussed the function of the brain and… Read more“Your ACES Score and More from Dr. Nadine Burke Harris – The Bear”

Adverse Childhood Experiences or ACEs: Do you know what it means?

Have you ever heard of Adverse Childhood Experience or Complex Trauma?  I only first learned several months ago that it was being studied at universities, Kaiser Permanente and the Center for Disease Control for several years.  It concerns me that this information has not been disseminated to providers and servicers of children,… Read more“Adverse Childhood Experiences or ACEs: Do you know what it means?”

Students Taunt, Threaten and Antagonize a Teacher

Student attacks teacher over getting a failing grade and then posts to Facebook. Website: Students Taunt, Threaten, and Antagonize a Teacher   Video posted on FB on 11/3/15 On Monday, someone named Derk Brown posted a video to Facebook of teens taunting and threatening a teacher. I attempted to… Read more“Students Taunt, Threaten and Antagonize a Teacher”

“The Death of Common Sense”

I have been searching the internet for inspiration and motivation, not necessarily the optimal source to find something to elevate my broken spirit. Nevertheless, I can across an article on a friend’s Facebook page (Sheila Ealey) who told me she came across the article years ago. Therefore, I searched to identify the author… Read more““The Death of Common Sense””

A Self-examination of Emotions and Ambivalence

I am writing this post several weeks after the launch of my Blog, Education Access Denied (EAD).   Zero Tolerance: Suspensions, Expulsions, and the School to Prison Pipeline (STPP). On my About Me page my readers can glean from my brief bio of my life and how I transitioned from a… Read more“A Self-examination of Emotions and Ambivalence”