New Orleans and its Schizophrenic School System

Well, my scheduled day (Sunday) to write and post my weekly blog did not evolve as I had planned.  I received several calls about the public (or lack thereof) schools in New Orleans and the U.S. Department of Education Section 504 Act for Free Appropriate Public Education for Students with… Read more“New Orleans and its Schizophrenic School System”

Suspensions and Expulsions: Effective or Not?

Suspensions generally are a result of students’ behaviors manifested as an act of deliberate defiance as in breaking school rules and/or policies. Suspensions are usually short-term of ten or less days and reinstatement is automatic. The school principal usually has the authority to render a short-term suspension. Procedures and processes vary… Read more“Suspensions and Expulsions: Effective or Not?”

Are you a Champion?

We all know there are some students who are a joy to teach.  Others, we prefer not to have in our classroom or even in our buildings.  The most critical aspect of these feelings is that, “the student” should never know how we ‘feel’. As educators we must teach, nurture,… Read more“Are you a Champion?”