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  1. Deborah Hicks says:

    it’s gone on record that the STPP began with the Reagan administration’s rush to judge that Black folk and Latinos were the originators of crime. When the true Italian, Irish, and Jewish mafia were building Las Vegas, involved in numbers, distributing heroin, and robbing banks, there was no law for zero tolerance or three strikes. But once crack cocaine gripped our neighborhoods and ran rampant, the government reacted. WF get treatment;BF &LF get jail. Crack cocaine, as insidious as it was, destroyed family structure creating till this day an environment that looks like Middle Eastern and War torn country orphans. Our government is responsible for this. Yes, even citizens cried for serious punishment, for we were the very victims of the CC/A.I;.D.S. destroyer of all things reasonable and familiar disease. There will never be money to rehabilitate: that is obvious in the change of focus in our public schools—and no, don’t blame the teachers, blame the corporate giants taking over the school systems to make money and simultaneously pimp out services that are irrelevant to Black and Latino jobs. We need skilled laborers as much as scholars and one should not ever cancel out the other. We need technology the same as we need licenced Black & Latino contractors. I’m done for now. No one who matters listens. We have a patriarchal government and it has been that way since the first Constitution was written. instead of a monarchy, we have a bicameral legislator that functions as such. Um, who is the Black face in the senate? Um, who? Who can we get to truly speak for the poor and underserved who will not be challenged on its citizenship (when ever last damned soul on this land is an immigrant legacyL???)? I’m done.

    1. Dr. MABL says:

      Dr. DH,
      I felt every word you put to this post and I really mean I felt your frustrations. Hell, you started a sentence with an under-case letter. Reagan’s criminalization of being Black and Latino (Latinos were emerging at that time) so his focus was on Black U.S. citizens. It was his campaign of the “crack-baby” and images of the ‘welfare mother”…. It was the Shock Doctrine alive and well. The communities destroyed by crack cocaine were not suburban middle school. Crack cocaine was introduced into our marginalized communities to further destroy the family structure. Heroin was at or approaching a all time low when crack cocaine was disseminated into areas of Black poverty. You are right in that no matter what no one listens, but we cannot be done…we have to push back and push HARDER. It was Clinton who also spoke in code with his legislation of the Three Strikes and Your are Out Act. He knew exactly what he was doing and now as Hilary attempts to portray herself as one you can cross class/caste systems by insulting us with ‘dancing’ because that’s what we are best at, he her husband now acknowledges how he contributed to the STPP. As far this country’s bicameral legislator we have witnessed the stalemates and the deadlocks to push forward agendas for those one percenters. This legislative counsel and the one before it…did not pass any legislation of value. The focus was to stop a president they did not want to work with, however, he knew what he signed up for and please know that the charter school model is not new to the sitting president his hands are as dirty as the corporations behind the take overs. There are not checks and balances in this country. But is does not mean we are “DONE” we have to fight harder and smarter and put fire to the feet of the elected officials and that means overwhelming them with calls and demands and showing up at their offices in D.C. or their local offices and asking the hard questions and forcing a real answer not the redundant-recycle answers they have practiced. SO, WE ARE NOT DONE – BECAUSE YOU EXIST – I EXIST – AND HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF US EXIST.
      I invite you to be a guest writer on my blog, knowing you as an educator you can choose you topic as it relates to schools, at any level, policy makers, etc. My only requirement is that you email it for a preview….SO, Dr. D…..let’s do this.

  2. Dr. Deborah K. Hicks says:

    I’d love for parents in poor and fragile neighborhoods to begin a “Take my school back” campaign that does not have “charter” anything as a solution. My frustration PLOPS at the feet of those who know nothing about education or how to formally and with structure educate a pre-K to—– . It is the Proclaimer of Knowledge’s personal recollection of what worked or did not work for him or her that allows the Proclaimer to revel and proclaim the cure to teaching is not with optimal resources, not with an equal share of teachers of color who reflect their community, but with a corporate management model whose end result is capital or a product. Our children are not products at the end of an assembly line. Learning is not a product but a combination of biology, environment, economics, psychology, sociology, skillful interpersonal and instructional techniques, viable and appropriate resources (selected by teachers), hell not even vast resources—just resources, and TIME for learning (abandon the daggone Pacing Calendar—it’s impractical and folly). The end result of learning should not be a well-oiled machine full or spoon fed data that is regurgitated in part on a multiple choice test that has little to do with the immediate learning experience of a child. The brain is not a machinery—like a Toyota, like a machine shop tool. The brain must be coached and prodded and stimulated and fed, not traumatized by punishment and fear to elicit the appropriate answer (look at how Common Core math defeats logics even for those whose competency is in math). This is exactly where we are in education: enhancing the images of marginalized populations and displaying deficiencies like waving a red flag to a bull. That red flag triggers ire and demands for the state to “do something!”—what was done was creating more charter schools—and parents boast like their charter is an Ivy League. Nothing much has changed since Brown. Seriously. I get agitated when I hear speakers state much advancement has been made: How? Where? When? Full complements of resources are NOT equitable in poor communities or equal when compared to high income and wealthy districts. Inordinate unused new textbooks sit in school basements because each year somebody has another bright idea or made a deal with another publisher. Schools are still segregated (you can’t say that about N.O. when a huge population of Black families was displaced during Katrina and these “refuges” were replaced by gentrification. Therefore, when my president co-signs the privatization scheme and the CORE curriculum scheme that an Arne Duncan bought from a lobbyist, or even worse, the publisher, again, I feel consumed with frustration at the patriarchal and plantation style model of administration that scribes “What’s good for da people” in a Race to the Top relay race to madness and corruption (the ATL superintendent and teachers indicted for test fraud). The “Take America Back” slogan scares me as much as the symbolic Confederate flag. However, I wonder when will the day come when Black, and especially Latino parents will merge interests and “Take the Schools Back”? We don’t need corporate models that create more charter schools: what an oxymoron that we have swallowed and owned. I was disgusted and still disgusted when my union, the UFT (United Federation of Teachers), opened their charter school. What the—-? And what message has my union sent to parents? What did they offer that a traditional public school did not? What a wet towel slapped across the face of their dues paying members! Last thought. Just think: our parents from the first half of th e 20th Century learned in a one-room multi grade segregated school house. Maybe we need to examine what worked in that mode. For many communities, something tells me parental involvement (when not planting) and high expectations played a significant role in student pride and motivation. In a highly technological society, we can’t put all kids in the same strainer; we need options and that is what we do not have for alternate goal-oriented students.

    1. Dr. MABL says:

      Dr. Dkh,
      You know me well enough to know that I concur with your statement. Finland decided to level the educational playing fields for all of its’ children. As a result the are ranked number 1 in education in the world. This was not their goal – it just happened. Educators are compensated well, as an aside. What I like best is that the eliminated high-stakes testing and focus on play, YES play. Read the web site: http://www.edweek.org/tm/articles/2014/06/24/ctq_faridi_finland.html
      You will have to copy and paste but will find very informative.

    2. Dr. MABL says:

      Therefore, when my president co-signs the privatization scheme and the CORE curriculum scheme that an Arne Duncan bought from a lobbyist, or even worse, the publisher, again, I feel consumed with frustration at the patriarchal and plantation style model of administration that scribes “What’s good for da people” in a Race to the Top relay race to madness and corruption (the ATL superintendent and teachers indicted for test fraud). This is one of my favorite sentences in your post. See the link I posted in my INFORMATIVE LINKS PAGE.

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