Students Taunt, Threaten and Antagonize a Teacher

Student attacks teacher over getting a failing grade and then posts to Facebook. Website: Students Taunt, Threaten, and Antagonize a Teacher   Video posted on FB on 11/3/15 On Monday, someone named Derk Brown posted a video to Facebook of teens taunting and threatening a teacher. I attempted to… Read more“Students Taunt, Threaten and Antagonize a Teacher”

A Self-examination of Emotions and Ambivalence

I am writing this post several weeks after the launch of my Blog, Education Access Denied (EAD).   Zero Tolerance: Suspensions, Expulsions, and the School to Prison Pipeline (STPP). On my About Me page my readers can glean from my brief bio of my life and how I transitioned from a… Read more“A Self-examination of Emotions and Ambivalence”